This is the website of sex and love coaches Marcel Gazendam and Antje Bednarczyk.
Intimacy coaching is life-coaching to open a fulfilling intimate relation with oneself and a partner. Sexuality, emotional intimacy and love all play a role here.
We offer private sessions in sexuality and relationship coaching with individual men and women, singles and couples. In a safe, easy atmosphere, based on your own questions and longings.
We also teach in workshops and lectures.
“Beginners” in intimacy, people longing for intimacy not considering themselves (so) experienced, as well as “experienced” people, are welcome.
We can work in Dutch, English or German language.

You learn practical, essential, effective skills to a more fulfilling sexuality, heart connection and lasting love relation.
You also gain a stronger understanding of yourself and of how sexuality and relations work.
As a part of this process we can practice opening for connection, e.g. in eye-contact and hand in hand contact.

The coaches have a long experience supporting people on their life path.
They are inspired by their own training in sexuality, intimacy, meditation, Daoist Yoga and the Ridhwan School of personal development.

On demand we offer a workshop on intimacy for singles and couples. When English speaking people attend we work in Dutch and English.

In the agenda of this website you will also find information on walk-in lessons in meditation and Daoist Chi Kung practice.